The main focus for the Allied assault on the southern part of the Axis line during the Lightfoot operation sought the supposedly “weak” Italian-held areas. “La battaglia di El Alamein” is a 1969 Franco-Italian movie about one of the most famous and pivotal battles of the Second World War with an emphasis on the heroic stand of the Italian Folgore airborne division. Folgore 04/10/1942 EL ALAMEIN - ELENCO DEI CADUTI ITALIANI TUMULATI NEL SACRARIO (Dal libro "ALAMEIN 1933 - 1962" di Paolo Caccia Dominioni) ANDOLINA Paolo Geniere 14° Comp. [3] Two years later, in 1939, two Paratroopers Military School based in Tarquinia and in Viterbo were established. Image: Noclador, CC 3.0. Folgore at El Alamein: By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D. Directed by Guido Malatesta. Operation C3, scheduled for the spring of 1942, would provide the Folgore a crucial role in the Axis plan to wrest control the critical Island from the British. The Allies surrounded or smashed some of the forward Italian positions at the onset of their attack, but stifled as they approached the Italian defense’s main line. 24th “ Guastatori” Parachutist Company, 186th Parachutist Infantry Regiment, with: 3rd Battalion/1st “Celere” Artillery Regiment (75/27 mod.06 – from the “Brescia” Division) for the eternity are here as a garrison the boys of the Folgore On the same date the Paratroopers Division Artillery Regiment was activated. essi additano agli italiani, nella buona e nell’avversa fortuna, 5th Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35) Strong interest in WW2. Soldiers would engage British armor separated from its infantry support that crossed into the Italian lines. These soldiers made their way back into Tunisia. While scouting, he mistakenly drove his vehicle into the midst of a group of Folgore soldiers. The men could hold out no longer. | Privacy Policy | Contact us. The first Folgore troops arrived on the scene in July 1942. La Battaglia di El Alamein (196.9) The Battle of El Alamein part 2/2. Over the walls of the Italian El Alamein Memorial, there are these words: "Folgore Division: ... Every year the Italian paratroopers celebrate the recurrence of the El Alamein battle; never a defeat was so glorious. The attackers sustained heavy losses to their exposed armor as Montgomery expertly parried Rommel’s overly aggressive nature. Operations against the Italians temporarily halted. MccloudUstp2485. In the summer of 1942, during the Second World War, a group of young paratroopers from the Folgore Division, after having been subjected to a long and tiring training in Italy, was transported by air to the Libyan desert to cover the Italian-German front. Seconda Guerra Mondiale Baby Bjorn Aereo Mondo Mitragliatrici Ricordi. On the 26th, the British attempted to concentrate their attack on the southern portion of the Italian line. welcome the ghosts of these boys in that corner of heaven 18th Parachutists Rifle Company, 7th Parachutist Infantry Battalion, with: I feel that the battle accounts are similar to the ones in Montanari’s The Three Battle of Alamein. The Allies retreated to their start line after suffering a high number of casualties during this encounter. Historians differ on the merit of this decision. 50:46. At El-Alamein, throughout several engagements, the paratroopers were either able to resist the attacks made upon them or, when the Allied forces had been successful in completely wiping out the first line of Folgore outposts, to reform again, usually counterattacking. The defender’s expert use of their anti-tank guns helped in part to once again halt the Allied advance. 20th Logistical section The British found the warriors standing at ridged attention with their arms at their sides, staring resolutely forward, defeated but not bowed. It is an everlasting tribute to perhaps Italy’s finest soldiers of the Second World War. they did show to the Italians, in the good and bad luck, Military cemeteries Germany. All rights reserved. 17th Parachutists Rifle Company The Regiment traces its origins back to the 185th Artillery Regiment "Folgore", framed within the "Folgore" Division established in 1941. 14th Parachutists Rifle Company During the latter division put up a fierce defense against attacking Commonwealth forces, managing to drive repeated attacks conducted by tanks and infantry. For the Italian Cold War mechanized division, see, Playfair I.S.O. When Rommel regained the upper hand in the Desert War early in 42, accomplished at a high cost in both material and fuel, he pushed for Hitler to ‘postpone’ Operation C3 to concentrate all available Mediterranean resources for a renewed push into Egypt. Fra le sabbie non più deserte [2], The 2-months[2] Instructors course began in March 1940. 55:29. They not only best the opposition solely by their courage, but they often out-fought them through superior military aptitude. [2], At the beginning of the Italian participation in World War Two there were:[2], On 15 January 1941 both Libyan Paratroopers School and Libyan Paratroopers Battalion were assigned to the defence of El Fteiah airport (near Derna) with 850 troops (418 Italians and 432 Libyans). They also used their 47mm Anti-tank guns from enfilade positions and Molotov cocktails to knock out advancing armor. 139 reviews #1 of 3 Sights & Landmarks in El Alamein "The cemetary is quite well kept, even though its in the middle of sandy desert, with a bit of greenery in between the graves." The initial British thrust failed with hundreds of soldiers suffering heavy casualties, including those from the Royal West Kents, Greys, and the Buffs. Istituto Luce - Cinegiornali di guerra 17 - La Battaglia Di El Alamein E Stalingrado (Sett-Ott1942) Sergio Porcarelli. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Regimental Guns Company (47/32 mod.35), 5th Parachutist Infantry Battalion, with: Dedicato all'amico Luca A. Documentario con le testimonianze dei soldati italiani reduci dalla battaglia di El Alamein. But they held the line. the path to honor and glory. The focus then shifts upon the Folgore’s major engagement of the campaign during the Battle of El Alamein: 'Operation Lightfoot', which was launched by General Montgomery on 24 October 1942. pub. 185th Medical section Italy. 5th Parachutists Rifle Company The Italian artillery battalions were named “Gruppo” (Group). It was designed to break through the Italian-held southern sector of the El Alamein line, where the Bologna, Brescia, Pavia and Folgore Divisions anchored the Axis right flank. El Alamein - 23/ottobre/1942. Directed by Duilio Coletti. The 187th Regiment handled the northern sector on the far left of the Italian position, which butted up against the line held by the German Ramcke Fallschirmjager Brigade. Filter. My Father served in the Pacific with 710 Tank BTL at Anguar, Peleliu, and the Philippines. Montgomery chose not to follow this defensive victory by immediately pursuing the reeling Axis, a decision that received a lot of criticism. The 186th Paratroopers Regiment "Folgore" (Italian: 186° Reggimento Paracadutisti "Folgore") is an active unit of the Italian Army based in Siena in Tuscany.The regiment is part of the army's infantry corps' Paracadutisti speciality and operationally assigned to the Paratroopers Brigade "Folgore". However, their performance, bravery, and courage have ensured that their legend is now immortal. Italian Paratrooper Badge. However, they continued to employ them when possible against their British pursuers. 185th Mixed Miners-Construction Engineers Company, 8th “Guastatori” Parachutist Battalion, with : Dispatched from the 186th Regiment was a 47mm ATG company to accompany two gun and two mortar platoons, who assumed positions in the center of this section. 1 National (i.e. Did the Italians have an Effective Navy during... Italian East Africa Theatre in World War II, Battle of Cape Spartivento on 27 November 1940, Caproni Campini N.1: World’s Second Jet Aircraft, Giovanni Messe: Italy’s Best WWII General. HQ Battery Reports state the Folgore destroyed nearly 30 British tanks on the 25th alone. The Folgore was assigned a position within the X Corps. The Italians had routed the French forces, and their British counterparts from the 44th Division fared little better. 20th Mortars Company (81mm mod.35) 2nd Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35), 2nd Parachutist Artillery Battalion, with : The main Allied effort during the battle was in the northern part of the Axis line. W. Churchill On Amazon: Iron Hulls Iron Hearts: Mussolini’s Elite Armoured Divisions in North Africa The division was sent to Africa and fought in the Battle of El Alamein with the following structure:[16]. [3] In late November 1940 was established only one Paratroopers Battalion.[2]. The British lost a staggering amount of armor. However, all that was achieved at a high casualty rate was a small salient, which was soon recaptured. Italian and German engineers in the area worked diligently to strengthen the existing minefield created by the British but was now in Axis hands, to provide a daunting defensive obstacle in front of their positions. Map. At the onset of the Axis attack, the Deutsch-Italienische Panzerarmee forces had indeed played into Montgomery’s hand during their attempted flanking maneuver to the south. Browse more videos. School Command (the Commander was a senior officer of the Air force, the Deputy Commander a senior officer of the Army); 1st Paratroopers Infantry Regiment (raised 1 April 1941), 2nd Paratroopers Infantry Regiment (raised 1 September 1941), VIII Paratroopers Battalion (re-roled as Paratroopers Sapper unit in May 1942), Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company, II Paratroopers Battalion (from 185th Infantry Regiment "Nembo"), IV Paratroopers Battalion (from 185th Infantry Regiment "Nembo"), I Paratroopers Artillery Group (3x batteries with, III Paratroopers Artillery Group (3x batteries with 47/32 cannons), 7th Paratroopers Artillery Battery (47/32 cannons), 20th Mortar Company (81mm Model 35 mortars and M28 Mortars), 185th Mining and Explosives Engineers Company, Corporal Major Antonio ANDRIOLO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23 – November 4, 1942, First Lieutenant Roberto BANDINI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, First Lieutenant Ferruccio BRANDI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 24, 1942, Second Lieutenant Pietro BRUNO 132d Transport Regiment, Private Giuseppe CAPPELLETTO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Private Giacomo CESARONI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 29, 1942, Private Leandro FRANCHI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, November 1942, Second Lieutenant Giovanni GAMBAUDO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–24, 1942, First Lieutenant Marco GOLA, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–24, 1942, Private Gerardo LUSTRISSIMI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Sergeant Major Dario PIRLONE, 185th Artillery Regiment, October 24, 1942, Sergeant Nicola PISTILLO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Corporal Major Dario PONZECCHI, 185th Paratroopers Regiment, October 26, 1942, Captain Costantino RUSPOLI, Prince of Poggio Suasa, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 26–27, 1942, Captain Gastone SIMONI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–27, 1942, Sergeant Major Mario GIARETTO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, August 8, 1942, Second Lieutenant Omero LUCCHI, Folgore Division Artillery, August 31 – September 4, 1942, Sapper Clinio MISSERVILLE, 185th Assault Sapper Company, September 10, 1942, Major Aurelio ROSSI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, August 20 – September 3, 1942, Captain Fabio RUGIADI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, August 30, 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Marescotti RUSPOLI, Prince of Poggio Suasa, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, First Lieutenant Giovanni STARACE, Folgore Division, July - November, 1942, Second Lieutenant Giovanni STASSI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, August 25 – September 2, 1942, This page was last edited on 2 January 2021, at 08:09. Regimental Command and HQ battery, 1st Parachutist Artillery Battalion, with : In the OOB, those numbers have been “translated” in standard Arabic numerals to avoid confusion. The decision to retreat condemned many Italians to capture by Montgomery’s pursuing Eighth Army. The center section of the Italian line lay by the 7th and 8th “Guastatori,” and several detachments of infantry provided by the Pavia Division. Colonel Camosso ordered his surrounded soldiers to destroy their weapons before the surrender. HMSO 1966], The Mediterranean and Middle East, Volume IV: The Destruction of the Axis Forces in Africa. Report. Dio degli Eserciti, The Folgore used everything at their disposal including letting the Allied soldiers advance into a "cul-de-sac" and then launching a counterattack from all sides. In the following days between 25 October and 4 November, the 50th, 7th, 44th divisions, 1st and 2nd Free French and the Royal Hellenic Brigades, supported by artillery and armour, failed to break through in the southern sector. Among the sand no longer deserted 19th Parachutists Rifle Company He wanted nothing of material value to fall into the enemy’s hands. The Folgore troops to the south were now in danger of being cut off or surrounded because of the breached northern line. (2004) [1st. To help compensate for the overwhelming disadvantage in firepower, the Folgore utilized an ingenious yet dangerous tactic to counter the immense British superiority in armor throughout the battle. [1], By 1939 there were two Libyan Paratroopers Battalions. Passerby, stop and revere. “Tantillo”  Tactical Group (5th and 6th Battalions). Italian paratroopers. Diverting to the shadow of Alam el Halfa, Montgomery ‘sprung the trap’ that waited patiently for them. The strength of the book is the personal accounts, the discussion of the training, and the quoting of doctrinal manuals. Italian WWII Airborne Units by Vince Tassone, March 2005 HQ Battery Others believe that Rommel simply lost his nerve. the best flower of a people and a fighting army. Italian War Memorial Inscription at El Alamein. Special thanks to Arturo Filippo Lorioli for providing both historical information and content, not to mention the finely constructed OOB. Related Posts : army , division, folgore, italian, paratrooper, ramcke By Paulo Henriques em 10:34 PM. [3] School personnel was drawn from the Air force, while personnel to instruct consisted of Royal Italian Army officers and sub-officers. The others were killed or captured during battle or in retreat. The attack never happened. This challenge was an almost insurmountable obstacle for practically all Italian infantry units during the retreat at Second El Alamein. 260th Field post office AckuBruce8504. Women's El Alamein battle folgore bersaglieri italian ww2 1942 T-Shi XL Olive: Clothing & Accessories The Italian cemetery is a mausoleum containing 5,200 tombs. The history of the 185th Division "Folgore" spans from late 1930s, when its immediate ancestors were established, to 1945, when its immediate successor was disbanded. As the Folgore fell back from their lines, they pulled their artillery by hand through the sand. The first Italian paratrooper units were trained and formed shortly before World War II in Castel Benito, near Tripoli in Libya, where the first Military Parachuting School was located. HQ Company Italian troops overwhelmed Montgomery’s forces once again. The British committed a sizable force to battle, including the Green Howards Rgt., 4/8th Hussars Btn., and the Royal West Kent, to break through the Italian defense to engage the German positions behind the initial Folgore sector. The Italian El Alamein Memorial or ‘Sacrario italiano a El Alamein’ is a white octagonal monument to the 4,800 Italian soldiers who died in the 1942 Battle of El Alamein and those approximately 38,000 missing. Probably ???? Upon finding General Frattini amongst the captured Folgore, he saluted and expressed the highest of praise for the Folgore’s gallantry in combat. The British 132nd Infantry Brigade/44th Inf. 27th Parachutists Rifle Company, 10th Parachutist Infantry Battalion, with: The “Carabinieri” is the Italian Military Police Corps. The advance had gained far too little ground in comparison to the number of casualties stretched out on the desert floor before the Italian positions. Regimental Command and HQ Company The British could not break through as planned. Upon making contact with the Italians, the British were impressed with what they saw. 1st Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35) By the eve of Second El Alamein, Rommel had already shot his bolt over the previous months of battle, and his materiel and fuel-starved army had gone as far as they would, or realistically could, in the Desert War. HQ Battery Gamesquad. During the battle of Alam El Hafla, the Italian Airborne Division Folgore (185.a Divisione Paracadutisti “Folgore”) had been positioned to guard the left flank of the German 90th Light Division and the Ramcke Brigade and was successful in driving off an attack by New Zealand Infantry during a fierce encounter between the 3rd and 4th of September. "FOLGORE" in Italian means Lightning. 185th Paratroopers Division Folgore in North Africa. HQ Company They were now nearly surrounded by British armor and ground forces. During the Second battle of El Alamein the Folgore Division was under attack from three British divisions 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division, 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division, 7th Armoured Division, and the 1st Free French Brigade. 21st Battalion/132nd Artillery Regiment “Ariete” (88/55 FlaK 37 – from the “Ariete” Division) 20th Supply section The battlefield that stretched in front of the Folgore’s position lay littered with the broken remains of British tanks and vehicles. 16th Parachutists Rifle Company [2] By early 1940 an Italian paratroopers battalion was also established. 4th Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35), 3rd Parachutist Artillery Battalion, with : 3rd Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35) Uckfield, UK: Naval & Military Press, p.46, G.Lunardi, P.Compagni "I paracadutisti Italiani 1937/45", Editrice Militare Italiana, Milano 1989, pag.41, "Brigata Paracadutisti "Folgore" - La Storia", "185° Reggimento Paracadutisti "Folgore" - La Storia", "187° Reggimento Paracadutisti "Folgore" - La Storia", "186° Reggimento Paracadutisti "Folgore" - La Storia", "185° Reggimento Artiglieria Paracadutisti "Folgore" - La Storia", "8° Reggimento Genio Guastatori Paracadutisti "Folgore" - La Storia", "American Historian Praises The Role Of The Folgore In North Africa", Harry Zinder's nov 16, 1942 report for TIME MAGAZINE, Parachute landing troops on Kefalonia. Rommel at first agreed, but after Clifton attempted an escape during a German interrogation, Rommel changed his mind, and the General transferred to Italy for internment. When news reached Montgomery on the outcome of the encounter, he became angered that his forces had been ‘thrashed’ by Italians, which he undoubtedly found unacceptable.