I am myself about to start chemotherapy and am keen to deal with whatever needs dealing with prior to my treatment since I really can’t deal with any more stress. Da oltre cinquant’anni la UILDM è l’Associazione nazionale di riferimento per le persone affette da distrofie e altre malattie neuromuscolari. But general advice to short-term tourists is to either drop your rental car or to park it. This site is great for lots of cities, not just Rome, but it’s in Italian only. Thanks for the info and service provided. They just took it off of my credit card and the credit card company said they are in their right to do so and I can do nothing. could i get let’s say 7000 euro for 4 days of the visit to italy? Provoking To Start A War With China? I can’t read the words behind it. Veicoli Ammessi. do you have any advice? Avec Turismo Torino e Provincia découvrez tout sur la culture, les évènements, la montagne et la gastronomie de Turin: informations utiles pour se déplacer et bien connaître la ville et la province. The MICHELIN Italy map: Italy town maps, road map and tourist map, with MICHELIN hotels, tourist sites and restaurants for Italy Consente il passaggio dal varco elettronico senza necessità di ulteriori comunicazioni a carico dell’utente, la targa inserita in lista non viene riconosciuta dal rilevatore ottico. Ove il detentore del contrassegno non abbia provveduto a richiedere l’inserimento di una targa nella lista bianca, ovvero abbia utilizzato un veicolo diverso da quello abituale già abilitato, può dare comunicazione dell’accesso chiamando il numero verde della Società della Salute Zona Pisana 800086540; la comunicazione impedisce l’inoltro della contravvenzione e deve essere inoltrata entro le 24 h lavorative successive all’avvenuto accesso.In caso di giorni prefestivi e festivi il termine per la comunicazione è posticipato entro le 24 h del primo giorno lavorativo utile successivo, (ad es. Ai ristoratori, in considerazione della specificità dell’attività non sempre pianificabile, sarà accordata la possibilità di un ulteriore accesso al giorno. Answer 1 of 2: Is there a ZTL zone in rapallo. I don’t agree with you. The receptionist told me that it was okay for me to drive to the hotel and wrote down my license plate number to register it. In alternativa al permesso per targa singola è consentito l’utilizzo di telepass con la possibile associazione di fino a quattro targhe (autorizzazione multipla) da utilizzare non contemporaneamente. Il telepass a banda blu potrà essere concesso solo ai possessori del contrassegno invalidi. Le telecamere a protezione della ZTL di Pisa sono in funzione tutti i giorni dalle ore 00:00 alle ore 24:00. Some of these countries are not nearly as well off ie Portugal and Spain. ie online. Visualizza tutti i servizi offerti presso l'aeroporto di Firenze. The big problem is the the administrative fees the rental companies charge… that’s the real rip off. Comune di Pisa la rete civica. I got caught nevertheless in Pisa this summer while leaving the city. (non a pagamento). Our website http://urbanaccessregulations.eu provides information about Low Emission Zones, Access Regulations and Congestion Charges in Europe. To get to the the Parking La Torre lot without entering ZTL, do I take it to Piazza Andrea del Sarto to Via Vecchia di Barbaricini? ), di altri che risultano già autorizzati alla ZTL. Can we obtain the permission to drive through ZTL in Pisa, Sienna, Firenze and may be other cities we are palnning to visit ? 10. This post will hopefully clear up a few points. If the car rental is in the ZTL they will have permissions for their cars to leave the ZTL without being fined. I have no answer. They might not even be aware of what the customs in your country are, or that ZTLs are a European thing. Since it has been 7 months since my visit to Italy and I am home in the USA, would this be the only ticket I am receiving or could there be more? I’m now nervous to be honest. what is my son position shall we go to the Italian consulate, or just ignore their threatening. Any comments? It is important to know this to avoid receiving HUGE traffic tickets by driving your car into the center of Florence. Otherwise, they are not allowed either. They will not deny it, but you need to request it beforehand. You can, to reach your hotel. You can try… but you need a special permit to access ZTL even if you are disabled. So yes, things do change - seems to be BETTER at Bari. This is the cheapest parking garage in the city! So far my rental company has emailed me and billed me for one violation but they have not given me much to go by (like how much I owe and to whom I need to pay or contact). If you are renting, ask the agency for a disabled driver tag, and ask them to assist you with the procedure. The folks behind you will just have to help you back-up, it’s life in the city. Ciao Gloria! I am wondering if we have to pay it, and worried if we don’t that it may follow us and double over time! It was for “circulating in restricted traffic zone without authorization”. di S. Martino – S. Antonio. Creatore Discussione Redazione; Data di inizio 10 Aprile 2018; Benvenuto nel nostro sito. GOPOGI, No tourist buses here: Siena – via Florence and Pisa – Tution, http://www.athomeintuscany.org/2011/10/15/pisa-ztl-limited-traffic-zone/, Casina di Rosa - Vacation house in Tuscany. What would you suggest? e) Matrimoni religiosi ed altre cerimonie religiose private in chiese situate in ZTL: I permessi possono essere rilasciati come precisato alla precedente lettera d con la sosta nei pressi della. Not if you don’t let the city know beforehand. So if I drive into Pisa and keep my car inside the ZLT for a week I will only be charged a single fine, is that right? ZTLs do not restrict access to the sights: there are parking lots all around them. We are not EU-residents. This blog is written by a born and bred Tuscan who wishes to share her love for this region with as many people as possible. Sadly then Avis have managed to charge me their €42.70 admin fee. If you are confronted with a ZTL on a narrow street with little space to pull over, you might encounter very loud car horns behind you urging you forward. We we came back I received ZTL ticket and and two letters registered Switzerland which I think they are travel agency.I did not pay. It will probably be the car rental agency that will forward it to you. Menù lingue. I would like to pay them but I can not a website for either. If you pay it soon enough (I think within 5 days) there is a considerable discount (you should have two prices on the fine). Where will you be staying? I spent hours trying to find a way to pay the fine online. Dear Gloria, Parking La Torre and Parking Via Pietrasantina (free) are easily reachable if you exit the highway at Pisa nord. I think nobody will say anything. UPDATE: Some one pointed out that first, the car rental agency sends you a notification it has charged you for giving your details to the police (or whomever sends the fine) and then you get the fine separately from the authorities and up to a year later. It is also your responsibility to find out if the road signs look the same, if what is allowed in your home country is also allowed in Italy, etc. Fondata nell’agosto del 1961 da Federico Milcovich, essa si prefigge fondamentalmente alcuni scopi e progetti ben precisi: – promuovere con tutti i mezzi la ricerca scientifica e l’informazione sanitaria sulle distrofie muscolari progressive e sulle altre patologie neuromuscolari; – promuovere e favorire l’inclusione sociale delle persone con disabilità. I have no idea sorry, other than contact the dedicated office and verify whether the fine was paid by Hertz or not. L’accesso si intenderà autorizzato nei sessanta minuti antecedenti all’arrivo alla struttura, come segnalato dalla Direzione. It's about living here, but also about travelling, learning, experiencing, and enjoying life in Tuscany. Is it Parking Via Pietrasantina or another one? I don’t mind paying a fine, but 113 euro 14 months after it occurred. I received in the mail today, a ticket for 113 Euro for some type of traffic violation 21-09-10. You have been […], […] This a good site with some information on ZTL and how to avoid driving in to it: http://www.athomeintuscany.org/2011/10/15/pisa-ztl-limited-traffic-zone/ […], […] http://www.athomeintuscany.org/2011/10/15/pisa-ztl-limited-traffic-zone/ […]. A small slap on the wrist won’t stop people. Anyway, if you are traveling by your own car, it is better to request a permit in advance, proving proof of certified disability and all the details of the car. → Consultez la liste des villes italiennes concernées. Hotel guests can enter in Monopoli ZTL for loading and unloading luggage. Some freaks broke the car window and stole a suitcase with all things… My 2013 Garmin told me to drive thru it and there are 10 shady looking guys walking on the road distracting you at the point of no return. You won’t receive the fine until after you have gone back home. Any informative suggestions are welcomed! I remember having felt trapped at that point. It’s really confusing and were travelling on our motorcycle on the 24th of this month. Il costo del dispositivo sarà di 70 Euro circa. A pagamento, salvo che siano patrocinate dalla A. At present I work as night auditor at a Pisa hotel within the ZTL and can confirm that hardly any guests coming at night fail to have problems. Italians get fined too. Great website and will tell everyone I know to use it before they go travelling. We misread the sign thinking that because we have a disable permit and the sign has a disabled badge on it we could go there. Tale soluzione è particolarmente adatta per gli accessi di tipo occasionale. Assisi Pisa ZTL ZTL ZTL … At this point it's important to familiarize yourself with the Limited Traffic Zones.They are called Zona Traffico Limitato in Italian or ZTL and are found in most of the major Italian cities. One star corresponds to "Interesting", two stars to "Worth a detour" and three stars to "Worth the journey".. They provide the plate numbers of their guests within 24 hours from their entrance in the ZTL and the fines are not issued. Hi, I got fined for entering ZTL. also they are telling me that i’m responsible for the payment of the administration fees? As to collection of fines from the net I found out that Pisa is just more efficient with its collection agents. Hi, Gloria! in maniera permanente, con richiesta da avanzare da parte degli interessati al Comando di Polizia Municipale, a: a) veicoli a trazione elettrica in servizio di autonoleggio; b) veicoli intestati ai Corpi di Polizia (compresi veicoli di altre pubbliche amministrazioni con funzioni di polizia), Vigili del Fuoco, Forze Armate; auto di rappresentanza dei comuni di Pisa, Cascina, S. Giuliano Terme, Vecchiano, Calci, Vicopisano, dotate di scritte identificative riportate sul mezzo ovvero di contrassegno riconoscibile; c) Veicoli di Enti e Associazioni assistenziali ONLUS: identificabili a vista con scritte ben visibili sulla carrozzeria. accommodation. Il numero dei veicoli , nonché l’accesso verrà concordato con il Comando di Polizia Municipale. We wonder what we can do while we are living too far from Italy ? Dietro presentazione di specifica istanza relativa ad interventi di durata giornaliera o di più giorni, verranno rilasciati appositi permessi temporanei, con la contestuale immissione delle targhe nella lista bianca T, per l’accesso e sosta di mezzi nella ZTL di Pisa nelle seguenti fattispecie: a) autotrasportatori: con obbligo di rispetto delle fasce orarie di accesso. Thank you for your advice. Le modalità di gestione sono analoghe a quelle del punto 4.1. p) Accompagnatori di donne sole (over 50) per attività sociali serali. I’m about to visit Pisa and now know my way to avoid ZTLs. It’s a recurring complaint. If you are from a non-EU country road signs are different: make sure you learn them. This decision can be reversed. Thanks for sharing such a good information. *ps: I notice that you stated this too in your update. 10238566 - C.F. First of all thank you very much for your message. This charge is just to inform my name and my address. Bring It On China’s ZH-05 Assault Rifle Can Down UAS UNISTAR 1/72 Chinese PLZ-05 PLZ05 PLA Self-Propelled Touchdown: China New-generation Spaceship (Photos, Videos. Have you clicked on the icon to see what the pointer indicates? But then everybody knows Italy is far from perfect and many things do not make any sense. k) Mezzi d’opera ed autocarri con peso complessivo a pieno carico non superiore a 20 t, di proprietà delle ditte edili ed impiantistiche che effettuano interventi in ZTL in seguito al rilascio di concessione edilizia o di autorizzazione, limitatamente al quartiere dove viene effettuato l’intervento ed al solo transito, salvo diversa disposizione inserita nel permesso, con l’obbligo di percorrere l’itinerario più breve possibile. Il numero di autorizzazioni per ciascuna azienda sarà deciso a insindacabile giudizio dell’A.C., d’intesa tra Polizia Municipale e Direzione Mobilità; per interventi urgenti che richiedono occupazione di suolo pubblico si fa riferimento all’art. You should ask the rental company or contact the city hall “urp” (public relations office). Do you think Parking La Torre will be full? At this point it's important to familiarize yourself with the Limited Traffic Zones.They are called Zona Traffico Limitato in Italian or ZTL and are found in most of the major Italian cities. Les ZTL ont été instaurées un peu partout en Italie, notamment en Toscane (Florence, Pise…), Sicile (Palerme), Sardaigne, ou encore à Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologne et Turin. The hotel receptionist replied to my email saying “You can access inside the limited traffic area from via Mazzini, and communicate your plate number at the reception during the check in.” I am worried that I will be fined if I don’t provide them the plate number before I arrive. I think the pick-up place for the car is in the ZTL, can I get fined if I just drive straight out? This is the access where 90% of the tourists get fined: Should you still be wondering how can you possibly know that this is the access of a ZTL…. Do you have any info that may help us? I was travelling with a disabled person in Siena. please let me know about the difference in zone in pisa if any on the signage. noleggio auto ecc. I will post after I find out what the repercussions are what happens and when I go back to rent. ZTL Pisa: Mappa, Orari, Telecamere, Parcheggi. So I doubt that will work. Can you post clear directions to get to the Pisa Parking- Parcheggio Pietrasantina, avoiding the ZTL? A useful map of parking lots around Florence's historical center, perfect for leaving the car outside the ZTL while you visit for the day. despite the lack of evidence it would be impossible to prove innocence (or guilt for that matter) . At the time, we were lost and I only noticed the sign after we had passed it. After wonderful 10 days in Italy four months ago, i am shocked with that ZTL fines which came after our trip. That is so for every city where a large ztl exists. – Or we may be stopped at customs when we reach italy. Hi i will be traveling to italy this august and would like to see a lot of cities in a short amount of time. B) Santa Maria. This blog is written by a born and bred Tuscan who wishes to share her love for this region with as many people as possible. U.I.L. You can also find a map dedicated to tourist sites on the ViaMichelin website. Find out more here. I am not saying that, just the authorities were wrong. Un punto di riferimento in internet, per tutti i nostri colleghi AUTISTI e AZIENDE di autobus Gran Turismo e di Linea. When the sign is like this “varco non attivo” (inactive cameras), it means you can drive there. Is the SIENA ZTL accessible on Sundays without permit? I’ve just received one of these fines after straying into a zone in Lucca last summer (it’s now March the following year). Unfortunately, there is not much to do but to pay the fine. Thanks. With car-sharing, you don't have to buy or lease a car. They also have no way to know where you intend to drive. . Note yours are single lanes. You do for your city much more than the local government does. 9. There is a mobile escalator that takes you near to Porta Camollia to the Antiporto right along the ZTL boundary line where lots of buses head to the center of Siena, at least every 15 minutes all day long. Whether you need to rent a car for 2 minutes or 2 weeks, you can get going with just one app. Thank you for your attention. Antonio, the car was parked far away, so my son went to pick up the car and when he turned in via San Antonio there was one other vehicle in front of him so he drive along did know nothing about ZTL, if he did have seen the sign probably he would not understand Italian, if he had an accident or went through red light or something more dangerous it would be different story, on 26/04/2016 he received a form that he has to pay, EURO 101.70 if don’t within 5 days has to pay EURO 126.00, on the 30/05/2016 i sent an email Pisa city council explained what happen, and also I said how come it took them 9 months to send the claim, they should have more respect for the tourist that go and spend thousands of Euro, and it is a joke to ask to pay for a small intentional mistake ecctera,on the 20/11/2018 after 2 years and 8 months, received a notice from the debit collector that we have to pay EURO 253.00 if don’t pay the amount we will immediately assign the task to a credit recovery institute of lawyers who work in our own country which increase the expenses. Great article. RATES € 0,50 for 1st hour € 2,00 from 2nd hour and for the entire day! And what does it mean? I am just curious and interested, roughly, would you know how much revenue is raised from ZTL fines? I will pay but will never go back to that city and will warn my friend not to go. That permission is usually spelled out in often confusing details on a sign or signs below or alongside the basic ZTL sign. Having detourned into Pisa en route to the Airport last week, we stumbled on a parking space on Via Bovio. Agrigento in Italy has a Urban traffic restriction, Vehicle access restriction or Zona a Traffico Limitato (ZTL) or Limitazioni della circolazione, the general name for all access regulation schemes, also used for LEZs. Check it on google street View. La ZTL di Pisa è organizzata in cinque zone così denominate: Si precisa che è stata inoltre istitiuta nel periodo estivo e solo nei weekand una ZTL notturna relativa ai lungoarni. J’aimerai avoir une carte avec les délimitations claires des ZTL pour éviter d’avoir une amende cet été ! Regards. 12. This impacts badly of the, Cars are noisy, and messy. Il principio fondamentale è: l’informazione, la condivisione e la consultazione in generale. My husband was in Italy. 3) Acquisto di un telepass a banda blu Consentirà l’accesso con qualsiasi veicolo non essendo prevista alcuna preventiva indicazione delle targhe da abilitare . So.. SEZIONE DI PISA Tired of reading about this, I asked for numbers. Bring It On. Again, it is pretty obvious that this is where the ZTL starts: As I mentioned in the other post about parking in Pisa, this access can be a bit confusing, because you only see the ZTL cameras once you have already turned into Via Mazzini, and backing up into the Lungarno is not an option. (Asking about the competition LOL). This post will hopefully clear up a few points. We are headed to Tuscany in a couple of weeks and after reading this I feel much more confident and that we now know what to look for to avoid the ZTL’s. Agli antiquari la Polizia Municipale può accordare una maggiore estensione di orario di accesso in rapporto all’esigenza di partecipare a mercati. I am not sure where that is and if I went through it more than once. It is an area of the city center that is closed to non-residential traffic. con possibilità di transito e sosta per le sole operazioni di scarico e carico: orario di accesso, percorso di accesso e tempo di permanenza saranno definiti da parte del Comando di Polizia Municipale per singola domanda (percorso personalizzato). After a lot of clicking I made a PayPal payment using my currency card. ‎ZTL ALERT ti segnala gratuitamente oltre 3000 ZTL, Semafori Infra Red, Preferenziali di tutte le città italiane. Completely didn’t know that we had passed through a restricted zone. You have to pay to park there. I visited Tuscany several times, I was aware of the ZTL thanks to fellow travelers having been fined, and I tried to stay clear from them. Thanks so much for this thorough article! This seems totally unfair as on the original letter there is nothing stating an appeal that has been rejected will result in your fine being doubled. E mail: uildm.pisa@tiscalinet.it Itinerari, mappa delle città e informazioni sul traffico Trova i migliori itinerari, tutte le mappe delle città e lo stato del traffico stradale in tempo reale . 11. Agli enti pubblici ed alle aziende private chedispongono di aree di sosta in sede propria è rilasciato, in aggiunta al permesso di accesso e transito delle auto aziendali, un permesso di solo transito utilizzabile anche per veicoli in uso ma non in proprietà (1 targa). Hi, I do agree with your comments, but I have travelled 19 times in Italy by car, and every time [including your cases] when I see the camera or signs I have no way out. If you still have questions, ask your hotel or vacation rental owner about possible things you need to know to drive to your accommodation, e.g. No, it’s another one, closer to the Tower. They are more likely to have those answers than the car rental agencies. All you need to know about limited traffic zones in Italy, and Pisa in particular, and on how to avoid fines. Some are 24-hours limited, others have variable hours & days of limitations. I’ll probably end up paying it. delivery vehicles, couriers, etc. Per ogni nucleo abitativo non potranno essere rilasciate più di n° 3 autorizzazioni; il permesso è rilasciato anche ai domiciliati per motivi di lavoro, con la esclusione di quelli aventi la residenza nei comuni di: : Pisa, Calci, San Giuliano Terme, Cascina, Vecchiano, Vicopisano, Calcinaia, Pontedera, Viareggio, Lucca, Collesalvetti e Livorno; ai domiciliati che hanno contratto a termine, ovvero incarichi trimestrali sarà rilasciata l’autorizzazione per il periodo certificato con in corrispondente inserimento della targa in “ Lista Bianca C”.Ai veicoli dotati di area di sosta pertinenziali sarà rilasciato un permesso gratuito di solo transito. If I am in and out several times in ZTL area, in one day ,wil this to be charged multiple times. You do not need to drive in the ZTL, it’s mostly pedestrian and Pisa is small. A typical sign might list the hours the ZTL is in effect. Certainly worth the convenience of been able to get around in my car. Florentines call this the ZTL, or "Zona Traffico Limitato". Con le modalità di cui sopra è consentito l’accesso di veicoli a servizio di clienti degli alberghi, non pernottanti, in relazione ad iniziative e manifestazioni culturali che si tengono negli alberghi stessi, debitamente comunicate, entro il limite cumulativo giornaliero costituito dal numero di camere dell’albergo interessato. From Google Map it appears that I need to take Via Pietrasantina to reach the commuter parking lot Parcheggio Via Pietrasantina. Altre redazioni locali potranno presentare istanza di un singolo permesso/ciascuna. Some people believe they are a scam for tourists, but they’re not. However, I wish to **respectfully** disagree with the point made : “ZTLs are clearly marked with large signs, lane restrictions and cameras on big poles. . AUTOCARAVAN, MOTORHOME E CAMPER: di proprietà dei residenti purchè costituisca l’unico veicolo dell’unità abitativa; I veicoli di attività commerciali con sede in ZTL di Pisa senza consegne a domicilio possono accedere tutti i giorni 07.oo/20.oo; n.1 possibilità di accesso/giorno con carico/scarico merci, senza possibilità di sosta. Via di Simone Hai bisogno di rintracciare un indirizzo, un monumento o una fermata della metro su una mappa? Can ANYONE under the God given sun tell me… HOW TO PAY THE FINE????? U.S. Provoking To Start A War With China? La richiesta dovrà essere preventivamente inoltrata al Servizio Urbanizzazione Primaria U.O.C. I’ll be arriving mid day on a Friday in July. Your help is greatly appreciated. How to avoid tickets is probably one of the most valuable information. d) Veicoli adibiti a servizi di pubblico interesse appartenenti alle diverse amministrazioni pubbliche e riconoscibili come tali attraverso i relativi contrassegni (Es: bollino “Servizio di Stato, scritte identificative riportate sul mezzo“), Statali (Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia, Regionale (ASL, ARDSU, ATER, Ufficio Regionale di Tutela del Territorio, A.R.PA.T. So, the rent car companies should sign a petition to driver, a petition which explains the ZTL zones in Italy. Now, atter about one year he got 5 letters about LTZ. It has been exactly a year since we were in Italy, and the letter was not sent by registered mail. I’m in the same boat as you. Is this the best way of actually protecting vulnerable irreplaceable historic buildings? Do you have the ZTL address so I may contact them please. Also, I do not recall seeing any signs alerting me to the restrictions on the side of the road I parked. I suspect this figure is considerably higher. Also, I own property in Lucca, but don’t own a motor vehicle, is there any way to get resident access with a rented vehicle? La sosta è consentita previa l’esposizione del contrassegno cartaceo nonché del disco h di controllo per mezza ora sia a l’orario di inizio e quello di fine lezioni. There are usually traffic policemen too, so as to reduce the number of confused drivers, and flashing signs say “varco attivo” (active cameras). No, you can only access the ztl area where the hotel is located, or drive through other areas only if there is no other way to reach your hotel. 050 810102 Fax 050 810102 Of course the rental Company, AutoEuropa, does not bother to respond to my emails. ZTL Pisa, Italy. Do I just ignore the “2nd” letter? The fine was 116,70 € I received it 8 months later. But the best thing is ask your hotel. If you have taken the time to read the posts, you will have noticed that most of the people leaving messages to vent about their misadventure with the Italian laws regulating traffic claim that they have been scammed, and sometimes end up blaming the car rental agencies for not telling them about the ZTL rule. On the map below (click it for a larger version), you can see the ZTL entry points (red and blue "T"s) and the various zones by letter (which correspond to where residents can park). Are all motorized vehicles required to abide by ZTL regulations? On phone a hotel staffer told me literally: “Sometimes the system works. May one legally enter the zone with that card ? I suddetti dovranno allegare alla domanda certificazione medica che attesti il tipo di patologia ed il reale bisogno di assistenza ed indicare la targa di abituale riferimento (1 targa per anziano). 2) Comunicazione dell’accesso. A hire car is only good for seeing the countryside not for cities. Dove sono le telecamere . The traffic fines does not have that information on them. Some weeks ago I stayed in the Hotel Bologna on the Road Mazzini. Recently I visited Bologna which also runs a ZTL but in a humane way without the aggressive attitude of Pisa.

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