I am EU and if I want to live and work in Rome, do I need PdS, or I just need to make an residence ( in which of course I need a motive of residence: work or study) ? Vediamo insieme in questa completa guida come convertire il permesso di soggiorno in carta di soggiorno permanente.Il permesso di soggiorno consente, agli stranieri e agli apolidi, presenti sul territorio dello Stato italiano di rimanere in Italia; alle condizioni e … My boyfriend lives in Rome, so I have a “landing place”, but I am wondering if it is possible for me to enter Italy in advance with the student visa in order to find a place to live and get settled in. Hello Natalie, Since I need to establish residency in Rome and plan to stay for more than 90 days I requested a Visa which they refused. My understanding was the permit could last up to a year, is that correct? It must be requested by the immigrant to be allowed to reside in the country for more than eight days, or more than ninety days […] Garbatella is on Metro Line B – a few stops on from Colosseo. The Rome questura has vastly improved and now has screens that will flash your name and the number of the desk you are meant to approach when it is finally your turn. My question is if my husband is a dual citizen can I (a US citizen) apply for a PS without having a visa first? I am in the same predicament, here on a working holiday visa so my intention is to travel around for the first 3 months and means I don’t have a fixed address. (I’m sure I read this somewhere). I am thinking cover for self, wife (daughter I need understand that situ re her Art University in Rome), what would be good ideas? It is possible to apply for the Pemesso di Soggiorno for stay more than 90 days? Do you think I need to apply for the permesso di soggiorno to be able to leave the country? Bit quieter but still reasonably connected (though sometimes a long wait for the bus…). We use a re-entry Visa can we come to your Stay on in Italy After the student visa expiration date for an additional 90 days of July-Sept That is fine – they will keep it for you at the station near your home. Revel in glory for a few months until it expires, and then start the process once more. Otherwise you need to find a way to notify them and be issued a new date and time. Hi Natalie, It won’t be super pleasant but it has gotten a lot better. Will that be a problem? Now I am still waiting for picking up the new one (September, more than 3 months). The permesso is what converts the visa (which allows you ENTRY for a set time) into a permit to actually stay. In five years, I have never written about how to get a permesso di soggiornio because just thinking about it gives me chest pains. WFP, for example, will give you a carta d’identita from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while consultants at FAO have to apply for the permesso. Sorry how are you guy’s doing, can you travel with your six months permes di sigorrn by flight with your home country passport??? Pay attention to the giant screens that show which number the officials are currently serving. I’m curiously about the PdS. i from Turkey thats why no need to take visa to turkey just i have a problem for transportation to sofia. Thanks for your help! Once you are married, the UN can support your visa , Hi Natalie your thoughts would be appreciated. My question is this: Do you think we should still get the kit and apply for the permesso within the 8 business days just in case we get the visa? I have applied for Permesso through my husband (Italian) in Calabria (South Italy). Other sites say that you can get everything necessary for a few euros at a kiosk at the rail station. You should be entitled to one because your wife is a citizen. Ahmed. Hi Natalie, I have come to Italy through a Family Reunion Visa and I have applied for my PSD but I have a single entry visa can I come back to Italy to collect my PSD with my post office receipt? Can you tell me – what is the permesso exactly? It is almost laughable how complicated it is. Check online with your id number to see if it is ready, or pass by the police station to see if your name is posted outside. There are chairs to sit in but wrap up if you are going in winter and bring water/a snack in case you are stuck outside for awhile. I’m a U.S. Citizen with a temporary German residency that expires this year. Go figure. The price keeps changing so just show the form at the tabbachi and they will be able to give you the right version (it currently costs €14.62). Get your appointment! Prezi. Do your best! La procedura per la richiesta della correzione può essere solo quella della domanda di aggiornamento o ci sono altre possibilità? Like an ID card? Also, when have you actually had to use it? Excellent! Fantastic information! Not every tabbachi has the machine to print bolli so don’t panic if you strike out. Hope it all went well! He on the other hand entered the country as a basic tourist (I.e without having applied for a visa prior to entering Italy or leaving the U.S.) so applying for a PdS within Italy is a good idea? Then you can apply for the permesso. I understand that one needs a non-tourist visa first before applying for a permesso. Return to USA for Holiday (2-3 weeks), take possession of her Student Visa I want i am Partner in the company in Itlay can I apply for Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy. My son is 14+ can he enter italy now or I do have a quick question though, my partner and I obtained Italian working holiday Visas prior to leaving our country however completely missed the part about having to apply for the residency permit within 8 days, so we are now well over that time limit. Best regards! However the other requirement is that you prove you posses an A2 level knowledge of the Italian language. My appointment is in two days so I’m getting everything ready. Also, does anyone know about getting a passport stamped in San Marino (non-Schengen) and using that method as a way to stay in Italy for longer than the 90 days? Hi Sofia! I usually pick my up from my own questura any time after it is ready… not at an assigned time and date. We thought that we’d learn as much as we could about the Italian bureaucracy(we lived in London for a while) so that when we do move the transition would be kinda smooth. And I agree it is frustrating to always bring the same paperwork- but such is bureaucracy! THANK YOU for ANY insight you can provide. Anyways, this post is super helpful and I’ve been reading it over and over in preparation for my questura appointment later this month. Hi Hassan – the issue is not getting the permesso. Are there websites you can recommend to help find housing? The interview should be pretty short. It is not impossible! How is this done? Anyway thank you very much for the information and it would be very helpfull if i i can contact you for more information. Then, you have to renew it in advance. I am a woman in her early forties just looking to start a new life in Italy with no idea really where to begin. Exactly – I would find the minimum insurance you are comfortable with and then apply for the SSN once you have the PdS. If you have the carta, you are lucky and that is what you need. I’ve read all the blogs and can’t quite parse out which visa I need to begin the process with. Hi Sophia! Then you have to pay 27.50. It’s normal practice among the Chinese that with young daughter mum goes too to ensure daughter is ok. I’m presently sorting out a Schengen visa for my wife, that she’s allowed being married to me, I plan to resume my teaching work on-line from where we will live so of course need sort out Codice Fiscale. You want an T ticket. Enjoy the culture shock! If that is the case, should I work on obtaining a longer-term visa before I go? Otherwise, you need whatever visa would normally be required. It’s not even the first time I’ve had to do this (semi-regular sabbaticals) but it is still a huge mental burden. However, that is nothing more than an somewhat educated guess! please grateful your advice. This is exceptional information. It turns out I’ll be likely attending school in either Florence or Cremona (post-grad studies for music performance), so it’s good to know that I’ll probably be able to work even a little bit– that is, if I can find a job in either place. Il tutto deve essere consegnato allo “Sportello Amico” degli uffici postali per la spedizione alla Questuracompetente, che rilascerà una ricevuta di avvenut… Learn how your comment data is processed. Ciao. I will give the answer as well as I understand it: yes. The time to be ” legal ” in this country is absolutely too much . 16. but still we havent received it and are planning to go for family reunification.Is it possible.plz reply. 18. Good luck filling it out I have to redo mine soon. I was told that it was not necessary even after repeated request. Never done. Hi Natalie, Your quip about reveling in the glory for a few months till you have to start again made me smile. We don’t want to work, just stay in Italy for 6 months traveling. I owe you big!!! If you are non-EU, you have to get a visa that allows work, or no employers can hire you legally. Thank you. Do I need a visa or PdS to move to Italy. 15. Thank you Natalie. How are you supposed to get one then? I am a student and have got valid student Visa.I want to work as I am eligible to work for 4 hrs on student Visa.Can I show only permesso slip to the employers and work. Hi Natalie, thanks for your speedy response! Because I’ll love to stay there with her without having to leave her and be able to eventually get permanent residency through being married to her. On the appointed day and time, take your receipt from the post office, your supporting document copies (school letter, work contract, etc), your passport and 4 Italian passport sized photos to the questura. This is a very confusing process and I really appreciate you helping all of us by sharing your experience . I realize I must register with PdS within 8 days of arrival – so will follow your steps above – the catch is the health insurance – will a long term travel insurance policy covering medical and emergency evacuation be suitable – since it appears I cannot apply for a voluntary SSN without the PdS? Hi Natalie, Do I have to attend a language course? In Milan it takes ages, mine took almost six months and I’ve seen people wait up to a year for theirs. It has been issued? No, you will need a registered contract or an official letter of invitation from the owner which states that you are allowed to stay in their home. Hi Phil – my apologies but I don’t know the steps for the JS. Not only is your site great, your answers to questions clear up so much. Return to USA in Sept (will this cause problems given her visa and I assume her PdS, Or is it usually the case that the permesso won’t be granted until after the semester has started? Hi! Hi Hamadi – that should be fine as long as the permesso is valid. It is the visa that will determine if you can or cannot work. Its been more than a month I have applied in Questura. So basically I had my appointment and everything and went to pick it up with my receipt and passport (like the people at the immigration told me to have when I go and pick it up) and then they are telling me I need to have photocopies of the passport of the person’s house I am living in, copies of my passport, and a form filled out by the person I am staying with? SO TRUE! That requires an EU passport or a visa, normally. I think they question you are asking is probably more about visas than about permessi di soggiorno. At last a step by step guide. I am not 100% sure on this one. Hi Emily — I am so glad it is helpful! Thanks Natalie for quick reply. Monteverde has the added benefit of being on the Tramline which is one of the most reliable forms of public transport in the city! Do you any article on how to get Certificato di idoneita alloggiativa from commune office. Hi Emerald, as far as I understand the process – it is the opposite. Hi Natalie, Please tell me will they freeze it if my husband don’t change ? Our goal is to live in Italy for a year, strongly leaning towards Rome. Thank you in advance. Presumo che … However, due to my study purpose, I have to move to France now, and my current permesso has its expiry date on next monday. but i want to be sure about that with receipt from post office, can i go to sofia or not. Do they ask for proof that you are staying at that address? From what I understand, if you are living legally in another country, then you can apply through the Italian embassy in that country. Required fields are marked *. This is because you have to convert your visa (which grants you access into the country) to a permit of stay (which allows you to actually stay in the country). This is my first time applying, but over here in Florence it is WAY slower. Hi Natalie, Hi Stacey – when I applied for my first student visa, I was asked to show that I had enough money in the bank to support myself for the duration of my stay. The appointment will likely be more than 3 weeks in the future. Also, can we apply for jobs without the residency permit? This is meant as a DIY guide, but I always suggest an immigration lawyer for specific questions or complicated cases. Any info about this will be helpful. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I asked the questura who said I could just leave with my passport, but I wanted to ask whether or not the border control asks for proof of permit when leaving the Schengen area. I do not know about that one. I tried to track it online they showing in process. This guide for the Permesso di Soggiorno contains step-by-step instructions for filling out the form correctly. Love this information! At the post office, take a number. Thanks, Hillary! Your permesso is tied to your type of visa. Is there any chance you can apply to language schools to teach at before you arrive? Documenti per visto e permesso di soggiorno , se necessario. How big is my chance here? Go to the Post Office (ugh). I assume that someone must certify that I an at an A2 level, but who does this? The dread is real, but you can get through it Good luck! I intend to apply to a Master’s program at the University of Bologna next spring, and I want to clarify some things about the permesso and studying abroad. Hi Natalie, I am EU Citizen, my wife is from China, and we’re preparing to move to Italy as our daughter will soon start at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, for 4 years. I have my passport photos ready. And this process is repeatable how many times? Or maybe am I just a bit naive, Natalie However, I will be going home on Dec. 09 to spend Christmas holidays. Just wanted to confirm I don’t need fotocopie of the modulo 1 that I I forgot to mention – it should be fine to other Schengen countries. I am trying to find out how i can stay in Rome pass the 3 month visa. Hi Sofia – you do not need to copy the module! Permesso di Soggiorno. Thanks for your quick reply! We have been staying in hotels but are we technically still legally allowed to be in the country for longer than the 90 day schnegen rule or is that not allowed if we do not have the residency permit? I’ve just gone through getting permessi for myself and my family. Do you have to pay tax when you are a resident? I arrived 15 minutes early and they were 3 hours behind schedule. Which visa should I be applying for from the consulate here? Welcome your thoughts? We are not eligible for a student visa because the course is only 6 weeks. Or does having my German residency (VISA) allow me to apply directly for the permesso somewhow? Haha. This is because you have to convert your visa (which grants you access into the country) to a permit of stay (which allows you to actually stay in the country). Are you sure about you response? ?are there different times of residences(residenza ellettiva)? Now, nearly 4 years later, we are told that we should have had and now need a permisso di soggiorno to stay. 4. You might want to check the official information site: Finish submitting for her student visa for Jan-June while still in USA DA PORTARE IN QUESTURA: Domanda di correzione; N° 4 fotografie formato tessera; permesso o carta di soggiorno + fotocopia; passaporto + fotocopia; marca da bollo da € 11,00; documentazione del motivo della correzione (se dati anagrafici da ambasciata dell'interessato). How did it go once leaving the country? Or did you receive a 10 year carta di soggiorno? Obviously it would help with the paperwork to have a job in the city, but tell me– Is it possible to move to Rome without marrying an Italian or having employment already lined up? I have been looking at many and much in the past been covered by employer, once I secure position in Roma area who knows but need think of the family. Since he’s EU, my understanding is that I don’t need a specific visa prior to entering Italy (per the SF embassy). Worst case scenario, they also have these photo machines at the main Rome quester. I am a citizen of the U.S.A. I have all my receipts showing that I’ve begun the process and a visa. Salve, avrei una domanda. I can enter the country for less than 3 months even thought without a visa. As far as I know, you need a visa. Once inside, you will go through a quick security screening. However, you start the process after one week in Italy, and get an appointment that is about a month in the future, then you have to wait 45 days for the permesso to actually be issued. Thanks for your help! Tracy. That might be something to keep in mind if you want more permanent work. Hello Natalie, It happens all the time. Mio compagno all ingresso via mare alla richiesta del asilo e permesso di soggiorno, ha fornito una data di nascita sbagliata (motivo deceso improvviso dei genitori, che precedentemente l'hanno adottato e partenza improvvisa dal paese, praticamente scappato dopo il deceso violento dei genitori). I couldnt tell from the tone of your writing if you were just exaggerating a little, or if I’ve been misinformed and it really does only last like.. 6 months ish. Etc. Domanda di permesso di soggiorno, come informarsi sulle tempistiche. In diritto amministrativo e in diritto internazionale, il permesso di soggiorno è un documento rilasciato da un'amministrazione di uno stato a un a che Thanks! You can travel with the receipt as proof! Do you have to show it at the airport? Although Rome is trying to improve and expand its subway system, it’s basically a Previously I was in chicago for years and now shifted to Turin here for work and may stay some years here. I also thought I would mention that waiting times probably vary on a number of factors, and I wouldn’t necessarily say they have been reduced in recent years. It’s been 2 months since I submitted my application . I want to retire to Italy. I want to make sure I have this correct. Hi Sandra! I am from Albania and i have found a work contract in Italy . I have just 45 days schengen visa.i want to live in europe. Upon entering, you will then pickup the folder of documents you dropped off at the post office by showing your receipt. I have a question — Is it possible to obtain a Carta d’identita from the Anagafe using the receipt from a PdS (actually a CdS in my specific case), or must one have the actual released PdS/CdS to get the CdI?? Oh, and I do have one quick question. As soon as I arrived,my plans changed and realized I could only stay less than 90 days and booked my return ticket home (in which case the visa is not required). I would recommend considering public transportation options and connectivity when you think about neighborhoods unless you are going to get a car! You always need a plan B in Italy. Other sites say that once I have a PdS I can use the Italian national health system.While these statements are not contradictory I would guess that the latter is too good to be true, is it? 10. Once you arrive at the Poste Italiane take a ticket from one of the machines in the lobby-area. Dreamtrips alias Worldaventures esperienze? I’m 100% ITALIAN and I never find out how simple is to get a resident permit , ( permesso di soggiorno ) I move in usa ?? Or this 90 days has a;ready expired once I stepped in the Schengen Area, which is almost 1 year before…. Your post – especially the pictures – was the most helpful thing I found to help me feel ready. Then you wait some more. Firstly, awesome overview! It seems the process is much quicker in Rome. It’s not possible to arrive as a tourist and then apply for a PdS. We don’t intend to work, we just want to travel throughout Italy, paint and research art history. The application date is assigned, but not usually the pickup date. Make sure to bring your passport with you in person. I’m in a similar situation as yourself. 1 – apply well ahead of time for a Visa which will only be valid for the dates I applied for I’ve been told that we will need a visa for a stay longer than 90 days. Note: I already have an apt lined up for my initial arrival (approx July 2018) and I have retained a lawyer for my js once my residency is official. I used to live in a neighbourhood called Tor Marancia (near Garbatella) – good local character, slightly outside the city wall. Can you tell me if is the problem, can i delay the date for received permesso? Kim. Take your forms, photo copies and bollo back to the post office. The drive will take about 15 minutes, and you can exit when nearly everyone else on that bus (also carrying paperwork) gets off. It is more difficult to change the application appointment, but you can collect it almost any time after it is ready. A visa is your permission to enter the country, where as the permesso is the permission to stay. Gah! You can also get the Codice Fiscale in Italy after you arrive, however it may be easier to do at the Embassy if they have appointments. Excelsior! You focussed on the tiny details that are most nerve-wracking. I was wondering if you would have any insight on this issue – I have a 12 month working holiday visa issued to me. Hi Lauren, I think I had to bring the same documents that I included in my visa application. The embassy can help with the visa and the codice fiscale. A traveling companion and I are planning to go to Italy for a 6 week art course in Florence. Now I am in the process of reapplying for the visa here in the US and your blog was super helpful in reminding me of the Permesso process once I get there….Im near Perugia but same stuff applies. She regularly contributes to guidebooks, magazines, and more, sharing her love of la dolce vita between pizza slices and gelato breaks. Does this sound right? Thank you for the article! I have received a sms for the date to pick up the permessio. She is the founder and editor of this blog and prefers all of her days to include coffee, gelato, and wine. 3) Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for private health insurance? That’s all (I’m sorry, I know it’s a lot) for now. 17. Sincerely, It is okay to leave Italy and come back as long as I have the receipt with me, right? Thanks again. It is housing suitability certificate required for dependent Visa. You have already answered many questions but I’m afraid that I still have quite a list of them. You have to include a photocopy of the visa in your permesso application, so personally I would wait until you have it in hand. We now worry that we might be living here illegally. That makes things much more clear for me. I went to the post office today and got my “kit” – I seriously would have had no clue without this article! I am assuming I have my CF, Get a home fast in Anzio 50km south west of Roma where I have Italian friends, Go to Anagrafe in Anzio to register my residency and go thru’ that process – and that should be all. Il primo passo per ottenere il permesso di soggiorno è quello di presentare regolare domanda tramite kit postale. Are there any other places that it is necessary to show it? Thank you for posting about this. I would suggest being in touch with the Italian embassy in Australia just to confirm if you need anything before departure or if you can apply for the carta di soggiorno (not di permesso) once you arrive. I am not sure on this one, but all anagrafe have an information desk so you might want to go directly. Hi Natalie – best info I have been able to find – so thank you. And also understanding, of course, that nothing is ever so simple :). Permesso di soggiorno is a document that the Italian state demands of all foreign citizens, that is citizens of countries that are not part of the European Union (EU). Central Train station is a disaster of human depravity. I just want to make sure that I didn’t have to make copies of every page of the application (modulo1) and that I’ll be fine showing up with just the copies and original copies you mention above and that the receipt of the application from the post office will suffice? Situation – going to Italy as an Au Pair – needs to be there Sept ’18-Sept ’19 This helped me so much – thank you! My partner and I have been issued a visa, we didn’t know we had to do all of this when we arrived. Hi, Thanks in advance for any help! Also, I am studying here and my visa has been issued for 89 days (the length of the course), even though I didn’t need to get a student visa I did so I would have another 90 days to spend travelling on my schengen visa. Hmmm.. For school? It looks like this: 14. Your type of PdS is tied to the type of visa you get, and you have to get the visa first then within 8 days of arrival you apply for the PdS. Hi Natalie. Don’t get suckered into thinking all of Europe is an orgasmic paradise of wonderful mass transit.