In fear the erasure of magic will cause Storybrooke to disappear, Emma and Regina pursue Henry, while David and the others send Merida, the Merry Men and Camelot folk back to their homes. Emma arrives to inform them a box with Kathryn's heart was found. After Mary Margaret gives it up to them, Johanna is cruelly killed by Cora. Trouble brews when Albert and an angry townspeople want Ruby arrested for Billy's murder, so David locks her up for safety reasons. Hook, disgusted by the crocodile's actions, considers that he should have stabbed him with the cursed blade, even if it meant making himself the new Dark One. The citizens respond in outcry, though David helps to calm the crowd so Mary Margaret can resume her talking points. ("The Tower"), In a morning meeting at the closed diner, David and his allies discuss searching for Mr. Gold while Regina opts to search the farmhouse alone for evidence. When they attack, he is entrapped while Snow White escapes. Thus, he goes to Rumplestiltskin for a magical solution to bring out Snow White's courage, but even the Dark One states that true belief must come from within the person. Before Emma leaves for Skull Rock to stop Pan, she presses David and Mary Margaret to go back to Dead Man's Peak and retrieve more of the spring water as a necessity for the journey home. After Hook and Regina chime in with their own ideas, they interrupted by Zelena, who convinces them that their plan won't work, and their best bet is to sneak in without attracting attention. As she talks to him about feeling ashamed for the lies they have garnered to keep their secret safe, they notice people asleep at the diner. Prince Henry Mills is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time.As the son of King Xavier, Henry grew up spoiled yet kind-hearted, taking a particular liking to a peasant named Cora and being allowed to marry her when her magic rescued the kingdom from debt. After tricking Medusa into looking into her own reflection, the creature becomes stone while Prince Charming is freed. Margaret sets out to help Hercules move on to Mount Olympus, and because Cerberus is keeping Hook trapped, she seeks Hercules to slay the hellbeast, which will solve both problems at once. The brown doublet and white undershirt worn by Prince Charming in several episodes, The ensemble Prince Charming is wearing during and after the events of the, Despite the fact that Prince Charming wore a wedding ring for his wedding in ". Later, King Arthur is discovered to have been brought to Storybrooke by Emma's curse as well. As he and his brother fight each other one-on-one, David tries to persuade him to stop because he wants to help him move on. Still fuming from their lies, she recalls they always told her there is a right way to do things but what they did to Maleficent's child was not. Emma, trapped on the other side, informs him via walkie-talkie that the woman, Elsa, is searching for her sister, Anna, whose pendant was in the pawnshop. She claims the Queen hates her for ruining her life, and the charges on the wanted poster are false. Hook convinces him that it was just a mistake and this doesn't change who he truly is. He and Mary Margaret later learn from Emma that Archie is alive, and was kidnapped by Cora, who apparently found a way to Storybrooke. Relevant Pages The couple use the flower's dust to create a portal door and see a young Emma, but ultimately, Mary Margaret convinces David that they can't be selfish if it means leaving everyone else to be cursed for all eternity. Henry dislikes using such a dark tactic as it is not heroic at all, but no one has a response, leaving him to run out of the apartment as Emma follows. Because Snow's name is on the headstone, making it impossible for her to leave, she prompts David to return home alone. As Prince James, he has to kill a dragon for King Midas. David cannot believe she, too, is also in Storybrooke. At once, Snow White stands up, seemingly feeling the pain of her beating heart being squeezed. Heading back to camp, David tries talking to Mary Margaret about his earlier disclosure, but she snaps at him. ("Witch Hunt"), David, Emma and Hook search the mayoral office for any evidence the Wicked Witch left behind while Regina keeps Henry company. As the guards take Robert away to carry out the king's command, James watches, unable to intervene. Directed by Alex Wright. Though Mary Margaret urges her to go, Emma's mind is still on Henry only. After Robin Hood spots the truck near his campsite, he notifies Emma, to which she phones David to let him know the search is over. The group are then frozen by Gideon as he moves to kill Emma, however, Emma stuns him with a burst of magic. David insists on going, and he departs from the room, after handing his son to Mary Margaret. On the table, she notices a nearly wrapped present, which he denies is from him. David and Maleficent try to reach her, only for Lily to block them with a stream of fire, before taking off again. When she continues to ignore him, he calls her out to at least say something. After tying her to a pedestal, he uses the shepherd crook to find Joan in a shed. Furthermore, they suspect the women might be lying about being good. ("Into the Deep"), Remaining asleep, David is unconscious as Henry begins reading from the storybook to him. To this, Anton shows them a stem of a beanstalk that can grow magic beans. After the fight, he arrives at the cabin shortly before King George's army arrive to capture him. During the engagement party, he offers to dance with her, but she complains about wearing uncomfortable shoes. Once Upon a Time (Era Uma Vez (título no Brasil/Portugal)) é uma série de televisão americana de drama e fantasia criada por Adam Horowitz e Edward Kitsis.Estreou em 23 de outubro de 2011 e terminou em 18 de maio de 2018, na emissora ABC.. A série segue vários personagens de contos de fadas que foram trazidos para o mundo real e tiveram suas memórias originais … When Snow White approaches him, only then does she realize Prince Charming is now in the Queen's hands. That night, she finally decides to stop worrying about the Queen's threats and wants to try having a baby. Cruella admits that she's just following Hades' orders, but if Henry revives her using his Author powers, she'll allow David to make one last phone call. With Hook's help, Emma faces her underlying fears and ignites the ember. On the advice of the veterinarian, Dr. Thatcher, the bird will heal, but must rejoin its flock or risk being alone forever. After the argument blows up, Mary Margaret asks Regina to give them a minute, to which the brunette teleports out. He also claims Regina is conspiring with a boy, Henry, to dethrone her. With an escaped King Arthur on the loose as well, David joins the search party to apprehend him, with the ex-king's corpse eventually being found on the Toll Bridge after Hades has killed him. The Blind Witch, as Cruella's accomplice, traps the foursome in the library, with Regina later realizing Hades' magic is keeping them from escaping. At Robin's funeral, David and Snow step forward to lay a rose entwined arrow on the casket. David suspects it's fake and takes off, with Belle, Elsa and Hook following, to rescue Emma from the station, but the Snow Queen has already frozen the door entrance. While Emma goes to question Neal, David and Mary Margaret ask Mr. Gold for a way to track Regina. After a tremor erupts in town, Hook bursts into the diner, with his presence shocking everyone except Emma, who was waiting for the right time to tell Regina. With no reason to assume otherwise, Mary Margaret mistakes him for David and notes he changed his clothes. Searching on foot, they eventually find Emma, who hasn't stripped her magic due to Elsa's persuasion. Portrayed by: However, as the pair reach the island dock, they meet King George. Hyde remains immune to Emma and Regina's combined magic, and warns David and the other townspeople about his people's untold stories which will soon play out. They spot Regina walking down the hall with the security guard, Walter, who has just told her about David's disappearance. Henry suffers physical pains as a side effect of repeatedly returning to the Netherworld, so David volunteers to be put under a Sleeping Curse to find Mary Margaret. [image begins] Snow White[image begins] looks back. ("The Dark Swan", "The Price", "Broken Heart"), The next day, David and his wife join Regina at Storybrooke's border, where they stop Leroy and the remaining five dwarves from testing the town line. ("Swan Song"), After coming to the Underworld, whose town bears an uncanny resemblance to Storybrooke, David and his party split up to look for Hook. Her parents watch with confusion at her reaction, and even Hook senses something is amiss, but Emma then excuses herself to go rest downstairs. Hook actually agrees, and he thanks David for giving up so much in order to rescue him, despite that he never wanted anyone to try. Unseen to them, Mr. Gold kills Zelena; accidentally triggering magic in her pendant, which activates the time spell. He is nearly seduced by her but shakes out of his stupor upon realizing this carbon copy of Snow is no replacement for true love, to which she tries to drown him. The woman escapes, though David angrily shouts that he will find her again. Honoring her wish, Snow White asks Lancelot to perform a marriage ceremony. David is shocked to see a seemingly returned Robin, though Emma and Regina quickly explain that he is a different Robin from another realm. In the midst of this, the group notice Cruella has disappeared, and they depart with August, who is brought to the apartment to recover. David tells him about James, who wanted a loving mother rather than being a prince, and he uses this story to remind Henry to not take his family for granted, and that they are here if he needs them. Hook rejects their offer and instead sings about his deep-seated desire for revenge against Rumplestiltskin, whom the couple promise to turn over to him if he helps them. With a strategy planned to travel towards Pan's camp, the group breaks apart to assemble for leaving. To this, Regina disappears in a cloud of smoke. David brings up what Cruella said about their pasts, but James confirms he actually hates him for stealing his name and glory. The next morning, he and Mary Margaret dine on lasagna when Mr. Gold gives them the Dreamshade wound elixir. He is too late since she, afflicted by a curse since ingesting a memory potion, just left to kill the Queen. Hook recognizes it as his brother's badge, which was lost during a duel with Pan on Dead Man's Peak, and there is a satchel there that contains a sextant for reading the star map. ("7:15 A.M."), Beginning an affair, he and Mary Margaret begin seeing each other secretly. David insists she did her best for Hook, which Emma is still unsure about, although she vows never to lose another person again. Though they corner Arthur in the Round Table room, the group are blindsided by Zelena, who holds Mary Margaret as her hostage to get them to back down. ("Birth"), Upon arrival to Storybrooke, David and the others crash to the floor from the impact of the diner dropping onto the ground, and as they get up, the group realize they are still in Camelot attire, and the last thing anyone recalls is entering King Arthur's castle. In the nick of time, David saves Henry from vipers, before insisting that he shouldn't be involved in the mission. David witnesses Regina being thrown into the clock tower by Zelena, who later flees on her broomstick. After urging Leroy to go back without him, David hears Mr. Gold out on his dilemma of winning back Belle's heart since she is now living under her false memories as Lacey. Intent on giving James hell for kissing her, Snow heads off to the sheriff's station, with David following after learning what his brother did to her. King George wants the alliance as well as the lands and riches it will bring, so David must agree to the marriage. While they are trading insults, Elsa and Emma devise a plan to stop the curse by killing Ingrid. With a breath of relief, Emma and her parents return to the apartment. Once there, he attempts to have some alone time with her, but she has other ideas. “Emma Swan” (2) prop boot knives from Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 3 and Season 2, Episode 3. To accomplish this, he and Emma have to go on a quest to obtain a magical item, the flame of Prometheus, needed for combining the two weapons. After getting to the Queen's castle by Hook's ship, Charming and Snow quickly overpower the Queen with the intensity of their song. As the couple discuss Lancelot's strange reappearance, Regina chides them for talking about the issue in front of Emma, as anything could set her off at this point. Regina helps smooth things over by delivering a formal, but welcoming speech. ("A Pirate's Life"). Trying to get to the root of the problem, the couple deduct that Lily is closing herself off due to her own insecurities. Instead, they only tell her about Maleficent's return. David and Mary Margaret leave them to it and briefly discuss the what-ifs had he been raised by King George rather than his twin, and then the topic turns to returning to the Enchanted Forest. To David's alarm, his wife wants revenge by murdering Cora. While the water can keep David alive for a span of time, Mr. Gold will create an elixir in Storybrooke to cure him for good. ("The Evil Queen"), Suspecting Regina ruined the bean fields, David, Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret search the mayoral office. The townspeople work to help David scale down into the hole with a rope and pull Anton to safety. He believes Mary Margaret is not capable of such evil and the evidence must be a mistake. After Hyde takes the red serum to separate himself and Jekyll, the group return in time to save Jekyll. Prince Charming makes it outside but is entrapped in the Infinite Forest by the Queen. Latest appearance: Later when David is asleep, Snow also consents to trying the antidote. Emma manages to get some of the Lost Boys to open up about Pan's current location at his "thinking tree" in Pixie Woods after promising to bring them off the island. ("Nasty Habits"), Continuing to search the cave, Emma finds Neal's tally marks on the wall as she recognizes he stopped counting the days due to losing hope of ever leaving, which is the same thing Pan wants for Henry. Soon, he receives word that another resident has gone missing, and goes with Emma to the town line where Robin Hood and the Merry Men describe how Little John was kidnapped by a winged beast. On the couple's way home, the pair helps a peddler free his wagon. To this, she affirms her decision to choose hope and believe things are going to work out for them. After Emma drops him off at the apartment, he informs Mary Margaret about his find, which leads them to believe the villains want to revive Maleficent. ("Lacey"), By the dock, David discusses with Mary Margaret what will be Regina's fate once they leave for the Enchanted Forest. Hurt, Kathryn openly inquiries if there is someone else in his life, and this is a chance for him to be honest, David doesn't wish to hurt her with the truth. Heading to the town line, Emma crosses over the border, as Pan is released on the same side so she can interrogate him. ("7:15 A.M."), Although heartbroken, Charming cannot bear to marry a woman he does not love and runs off from the impending wedding. Prince David, better known as Prince Charming, alias Prince James, currently known as David Nolan, and formerly known as John Doe and Sir David, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time.He débuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by starring cast member Josh Dallas and co-star Luke Roessler. She is unsure since magic makes Emma special, but David wants to support Emma if being ordinary is crucial to her happiness. Hurrying to the mines, Henry and his family discover too late that the bean is gone. A heartbroken Kathryn later learns from Regina that he has been having an affair with Mary Margaret. A grown Emma, dressed prettily in a blue gown, persuades him into a dance as practice for her first ball. David and his wife go off to search for him, while Emma uses Regina's spell to track down Aladdin. Jekyll is too terrified to help them, but before he can make them leave, an orderly named Poole arrives to magically taser the group into unconsciousness. Emma then allows the darkness to enter her body, freeing Regina, while she becomes the new Dark One and vanishes into thin air. David and Mary Margaret realize Emma deserves the truth, but upon overhearing her speak to Hook about their good natures, they decide against it. You stole my glory. Hoping to find information on this, they go to a cave, where Neal once lived as a boy. Dejected, he stays behind as she departs in tears. As part of the scheme, David comes clean to Arthur about Emma being the Dark One, under the pretense of uniting the dagger with Excalibur to get rid of her darkness. Concerned for his adoptive mother, Henry tries to call her as David stays behind to accompany him. Emma is tasked with locating a portal, but she has no leads until Hook, seemingly with Mr. Gold's help, discovers a door to Arendelle hidden in an abandoned mansion. He escapes, and they free Regina before bringing her to the apartment to be healed by Mother Superior. Regina is unable to activate the wand, yet she refuses to let Zelena try, fearing what her sister may do. David wants Henry to "horse-sit" first until the animal decides he is ready to ride. However, much to their relief, members of the cursed group soon awaken one by one. Once there, Zelena brews tea for them. Dr. Whale leaves the room to prep for the surgery, and Mary Margaret remarks how drunk he appears to be. In disbelief over these claims, Regina leaves the group as everyone else follows the footprint trail. ("Selfless, Brave and True"), As the bean fields prosper, Mother Superior shields the area from outsiders with a barrier. Everyone else leave to wait outside the vault, and after a time, Arthur exits to inform them the spell failed. Before Prince Charming can sever the man's head, Isaac saves himself by revealing his knowledge about the Queen hating her stepdaughter Regina for causing James' death. She senses something wrong, and he admits worrying about not seeing her as often now that she and Hook are living together, but she assures him this won't change anything. Once Emma saves Zelena, a kiss of true love between Hades and Zelena triggers a portal to Storybrooke that is set to open in a few hours. On the way up, Hook ascends first, but an impatient David climbs up soon after and overhears Pan's deal with the pirate to kill him once they reach the top. Soon, he, Mary Margaret and Leroy have to defend the town against a much larger Anton, who begins taking out his anger on humans. David almost resorts to cutting the fish's neck, but a look of disapproval from Mary Margaret makes him stop. He quips that it's a good thing they did not have Thanksgiving in the Enchanted Forest, or otherwise it would have been one messed up holiday. To open the cave, David helps pull a vine with Hook to unseal the entrance, though the wound is weakening him. Sometime later, upon returning to the apartment, David and his family find Hook and Emma already waiting for them. She, disappointed in his lying, break up with him since now that everyone knows about their affair, it proves their relationship is destructive. After a quick kiss, Mary Margaret heads out to look for her. Working together, Mary Margaret and Emma reel one of the creatures on the fishing line as Regina scares off the remaining horde with fire. Outside the Echo Cave, Hook explains they each must reveal one of their deepest secrets in order to rescue Neal. Stabbed in the back by the Behemoth David regroups with them and they head to the forest to meet up with Little John, Marian and Robin Hood. David finds a letter addressed to him with a coin that he once gave to his father. An embittered Emma is tired of her parents' optimism, but they encourage her to have hope about rescuing Henry. He goes to leave, and on his way out, he notes outloud that he and Snow will have to find Emma on their own. David grasps her hand, but Mary Margaret reasons they must not see each other again. Consequentially, the Queen chokes Grumpy as Charming calms down a panicking Snow White by reminding her what the sword symbolizes. As David continues to keep his injury secret, his strength is depleting. Returning to the apartment, everyone, including Elsa, assists in warming Emma up. When Mr. Gold admits releasing a Wraith to destroy Regina, the trio feud off the creature temporarily. Directly after, the dwarves finally accept Charming just as Snow White confronts him about the fake sword. At some point after this, he goes outside to look at a video still of Snow on his phone, and sees his father Robert covered in blood, causing him to pass out from shock. Regrouping with the residents at the diner, everyone is ready to go until Henry learns Regina isn't coming with them. Henry runs in between to force the fighting to cease, and desperately wants to get rid of magic. Eye color: They question him about the Wicked Witch's identity, but he is unable to tell them. David sees the janitor, Leroy, and recognizes him as Grumpy, but the latter has no idea what he is talking about. He moves to phone Mr. Gold, but Mary Margaret already tried and he is not picking up. Prince Charming (Wish Realm) It's nearly the first curse-free wolfs time for Ruby and they need a place for her to spend the night when she transforms. Robin Hood notifies them that Little John ran into some other Camelot natives in the forest, so David and Arthur, as well as Happy and Leroy, head out to search for them. ("The Shepherd"), After Sheriff Graham's death, he helps to staple promotional posters of sheriff election candidate Sidney around town. Afterward, the Queen sends them home, telling them to enjoy the time they have left before the curse comes. Despite this, she is angry he didn't tell her about the cure or the cost for it. As they watch Belle hold Neal in her arms, David quietly reassures Mary Margaret that everything will be fine. Edmond insists on getting back at the Queen for destroying his village, but Snow reasons that stooping down to Regina's level won't make them any better than her. In celebration, they head over to the diner to have a late night drinking bash. After getting it and walking back, he is attacked by reanimated dead knights and eventually dragged underwater by one. ("The Broken Kingdom"), Regina, somewhat still doubtful of Arthur, halfheartedly leads David and Mary Margaret to the dagger's hiding spot in the woods. Wilby Human Mary Margaret's attempts to help, but Lily knocks her into a rock, causing her to fall unconscious and bleeding. Occupation: Before they are able to climb to the bottom, the beanstalk starts snapping in half, in part because Emma's belief is continuing to fade. However, Zelena's attempt to close the portal goes awry, with she, Snow, David, and Hook being pulled into another realm. 2:33. Then, Snow White declares she won't go down without a fight; forcing the Queen to retreat. Mysteriously, residents begin disappearing from town, such as one of the dwarves. who is rumored to have the power of foresight. As she walks up to them, Snow White shows no fear and unsheathes Prince Charming's sword as a threat. Regina reveals Mr. Gold is in league with Zelena, who has been pretending to be Marian this whole time. ("Heroes and Villains"), Six weeks after Mr. Gold's banishment from town, a spell is procured to free the nuns from the hat, but the Chernabog is also released without anyone's notice. Mary Margaret reasons that dealing with the consequences of Cora's death has been tiring on her heart and by going back to their land, perhaps her heart can be healed too., Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships, Dashed lines denote marriage, engagement and adoption relationships, and relationships that result in offspring, Both Prince James and Prince Charming were adopted by King George, Prince James' battle gauntlet's were made by. Emma then goes to be alone, to which Mary Margaret sadly considers her inability to comfort her own daughter. Upset about how this news will affect her people, as the bean was their only hope of returning home, Guinevere believes they must do something to raise everyone's spirits. Henry shows Emma an apartment listing so they can live in Storybrooke permanently. Before Joan leaves, David gifts her a steed, which belonged to his father, as he no longer needs a reminder of the past. Not trusting the pirate, David holds onto the bean in a box. Fearing an ambush, he and the guards quickly arm themselves, but the assailant is gone. However, when Cruella comes in looking for James, David sends Mary Margaret out with the key, and then pretends to be his brother in Cruella's presence. When Emma continues to treat her parents coldly, Mary Margaret admonishes her for being avoidant, but the blonde states she doesn't trust them and needs to be around people she does trust; namely Hook and Regina. The Blue Fairy tells her to have faith their plan will work, and if not, the curse will take them to a new land where their memories are erased and they will be slaves to the Queen's will. As the curse's mirror shards infiltrate the building, David and his wife hold hands in comfort. David attempts to pull out his sword to defend his wife and child, but he is frozen while Zelena steals the baby for a time spell. At their parting, Snow White jokingly tries on his ring, but declares it's not her style. With David's encouragement, Mr. Gold asks her out. Arthur saves his life, and without David's notice, steals the toadstool, which David believes was lost during the struggle.